Thank you for choosing Bay Area Houston Endoscopy Center for your endoscopy needs. Please read and complete the following important information about your visit.

  1. Bay Area Houston Endoscopy Center requires that you complete a pre-registration and pre-anesthesia assessment with One Medical Passport in order to receive services at our facility. It should be completed within 48 hours of the appointment. Our anesthesia team must have time to review your history in order for you to receive the best possible care. Failure to complete the assessment will result in your procedure being rescheduled or cancelled. There are several options available:

    • Complete at home using your personal computer.
    • Complete at Bay Area Houston Endoscopy using the dedicated terminal.
    • Calling the Pre-Assessment Nurse at (281) 672-6049.

    Create Your One Medical Passport Account

    First time users of One Medical Passport should click the green Register button and create an account. Answer the questions on each page, then click save and continue. Once complete, you will be prompted to click Finish to securely submit your information to us.

    One Medical Passport

    Additional Help to Complete Assessment

    • Each page has a Help link you may click for assistance.
    • If you choose to complete your assessment at Bay Area Houston Endoscopy, please bring a list of your medications.
    • If you would like the Pre-Assessment Nurse to assist you, please have a list of medications available. If she is unable to take your call, she will return your call that same business day. Call hours are between 8:00am - 4:00pm.
  2. All co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles are due at the time of service. Payment arrangements may be made with a mandatory auto-pay arrangement. Contact the billing department for details.
  3. We participate with most managed care plans, however, you should call your insurance company prior to your procedure date to verify that we participate with your plan and to understand the coverage available for your procedure. We will submit claims on your behalf to most major insurance carriers. As a courtesy prior to the date of a procedure, Bay Area Houston Endoscopy Center will attempt to verify patient insurance coverage and benefits for patients and will make every effort to communicate this information to the patient before the procedure date.

    Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company. Your financial responsibility may change and you may receive a bill for the balance once your insurance company processes your claim. In addition, there will be several SEPARATE charges by other providers related to your procedure as follows:

    • Our facility fee
    • Professional fee (your Gastroenterologist)
    • Anesthesia fee (BAHEC (832) 240-4644)
    • Pathology fee, if polyp(s) are removed and/or tissue biopsied (Baylor College of Medicine (713) 798-3677 and/or Quest Laboratories (800) 694-0247)
  4. Here are some reminders to help make your experience at our center more comfortable:

    • Do not wear jewelry or bring valuables to the center.
    • Arrive at least 1 HOUR before your scheduled procedure time.
    • Bring your photo ID, insurance card(s), and method of payment.
    • A responsible adult is required to drive you home and stay with you afterwards. You will not be discharged to a taxi or other non-medical transport services.
    • For your safety, please DO NOT eat food 8 hours or drink liquids 4 hours before your procedure or it may be delayed or rescheduled.
  5. If you have questions about the procedure, your preparation for it, or need to cancel, please call your physician’s office directly.

We are committed to high quality medical care and look forward to being of service to you.